Wherever you are in the world, whatever your current challenges and circumstances may be, I am bringing a little Spring to your day!

Springtime… a season for growth, newness and change. There comes a surge of new energy around us, our bodies crave less of the winter comfort foods,  replaced by a yearning for fresh veggies, the smell of flowers and freshly cut grass, outside air and pure light.

Spring is a beautiful reminder of change and how we can embrace this with open arms. Inviting more of what feels good into our lives.

What happens when we cannot feel or invite this new season in?

We lose the ability to experience life’s vibrancy. Life is duller, the colours muted and everything seems rather unfocused and heavy.

How can you experience the most of this inner Spring?

By giving yourself permission to stop, to nourish yourself with things that make you feel good. On the flip side, taking stock of things that perhaps do not feel good, that are holding you back from this new season.Mindfulness Self-Care Journal

What is one thing that you can do to make you feel good and one thing you can stop doing? Doodle this down as a reminder in our Doodle Note Book and remember you're all the fuel the fire needs.

When we feel our inner Spring, we feel as though we are on top of the world, seeing life with clarity and the beauty of what life has to offer.