There is a lot of research on the positive effects of meditation, specifically how this can improve your general wellness.

Meditation is now the second most popular Mind and Body practice
in the US.

Meditation, in essence, is about dedicating time in your day to bring quietness and consciousness.

Why are more people meditating?

1) Relieves stress & anxiety
2) Aids memory and focus
Depression relief
4) Improves energy

So, what if you are new to meditation? Or perhaps have you have tried meditation and have found it difficult.

You are not alone!

Rewind 8 years ago, I was in a corporate job. My mind full and often spinning as I go through the lists of my daily to do’s, juggling life and staying up late. Zen was not a term I easily understood or related to.

Zen was when I put my children to bed and I had one eye open, while the other closed, exhausted.

Meditation was something that was suggested, but at that time the leap into traditional meditation was difficult for me. I would sit while my mind wandered, sometimes falling asleep, often leaving me frustrated that I could not achieve this zen state that everyone spoke about.

What I learned is meditation can be done in many different ways. It’s about finding a way to train your brain to be focused on the present moment.

So how did I learn to meditate?

I doodle everyday, using doodling as ‘creative meditation’. That’s right, engaging in creativity is a form of meditation.

Similar to more traditional meditation, doodling can help us tap into a deeper and quieter part of ourselves. We enter into a state of flow, stillness and present-moment awareness.

Doodling has been a simple and easy daily practice to stop my mind from chattering, to unwind and be more mindful.

Best of all you don't need to be an artist to access this.

Start by...

1) Put on your favourite music
2) Picking up a pen
3) Doodle a continuous line across the page that curves and crosses itself many times.
4) Then, you can then use different colors to fill in the blank spaces created by your lines.

If you are looking for an alternative form of meditation, start doodling towards a more zen life today!

Melissa x


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