As we transition into a new season, and a new school year, anxiety, stress and panic attacks are here.
This story was sent to me from a Mom who has a daughter that is 14. Her name has been changed for privacy reasons.
I hope this might provide another tool for you to try or someone that is around you.
"We have started implementing Doodle Breaks into our days since being on your webinar.  Last night Jenna was starting down the anxiety train and on the edge of a massive panic attack. I pulled out our Doodle Books, put some music on… and I asked her to doodle spirals (she said in the webinar that drawing spirals calms her)... she curled up beside me and completely melted in..doodling the stress away. She totally worked through her panic, hugged me and went to bed. So thank you so much for guiding us and giving us a new way to view our doodling! It is AMAZING and so powerful!
This story is so important because there is so much struggling happening right now and providing simple tools that can help is why we are here.
Using Mindful Doodling can help to regulate your body and bring greater peace of mind when in need. 
Click here to see the stress-free guided activity books that are being used to help lower stress and anxiety levels.
Always seek professional help if you are experiencing severe symptoms or they do not go away.