Doodle to brighten your mood on the dark days of winter.

The winter blahs can affect anyone, and one of the keys to lifting our spirits when we’re feeling low is to practice self-care.

That means being kind to yourself and taking time to do those simple things that make you feel happier. Doodling is one of those things.

Doodling just a few minutes a day:
  • Gives you a happiness boost
  • Calms your mind and improves focus 
  • Provides clarity and unlocks creativity
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps you sleep better

Other simple, effective ways to overcome the winter blues include regular exercise, sunshine and fresh air, and getting back to a healthier diet after indulging over the holiday season.

The “winter blues” feeling isn’t the same as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a serious form of depression that affects about two per cent of the population; people who believe they have symptoms of SAD should seek professional help. 

For now take a moment to pick up your pen and start to doodle toward greater health.

Not sure how? Check this video out: