The New Year marks a fresh start and an opportunity to work towards your goals. Every year life can get full and stressful and so I want to share a simple soothing strategy that can help when you need a little support.

It's called a Joy List.

Why do this? Your list serves as a reminder to choose activities that give you happiness. Many people find it challenging to remember which activities bring them joy when they’re overwhelmed by stress or life’s chaos.

I wanted to share 10 of my joys as examples, but be sure to create your own that feel most joyful for you.

1) Getting into my pyjamas – This instantly relaxes my body

2) Being of service – Helping others

3) Mindful doodling – I love the feeling of creating in the moment. There is complete peace found here

4) Reading a book – Snuggling up and reading a couple of pages of a book

5) Playing a game with my kids – Being present while having fun 

6) Learning something new – There are so many things to be curious about. I love following the thread on something I might have heard or I am interested in

7) A warm cup of lemon and ginger tea – This fills me with warmth and goodness

8) Looking at my 2023 vision board – Just taking a moment to be inspired is sometimes all I need

9) Going to bed early - this is one of my favorites!

10) Anything ocean – the ocean brings me pure joy. Whether I am swimming, sailing, watching the waves, there is never a time the ocean cannot deliver

Write down your “Joy List” and then you are all ready. Remember to have it handy when you are looking for a little more 
happiness in 2023.


Quote of the week

"Listen to yourself, not the noise of the world. Only you know what is right for you." Leon Brown


Wishing you health and contentment in 2023. I am right by your side!

Melissa x