We live in spaces that have been constructed; inside a house, apartment or building. We drive inside cars, working inside another building. Much of our life is based on the order of ‘the inside’.

When we take a step outside, we are entering a different space and a completely different order.

As our foot touches the outer ground, we might be unaware of this transition, buried in a conversation, scrolling as we walk, rushing from one point to the other or perhaps our eyes are cast down, missing what the outside has to offer.

Connection to the outside world, is filled with nature, a secret ingredient to living a healthier and happier life. Nature boosts our vitality, helps us to feel better emotionally, and helps our physical well-being. It reduces stress hormones, blood pressure and heart rate.

I understand this all too well! A flower that sits in front of me brightens my day. Gazing into a body of water can provide pure peace. A short walk can help me live in the moment. I try to make sure things of my inside world are not holding me back from experiencing this outer world.

We all have a connection to the outside in a different way. If we want to benefit from what the outside world offers, we must pay attention and take full advantage of this wondrous space. 

Today I invite you to take a moment and notice your transition into this outside space.

Look around, notice the smell. Yes take a deep breath in! Perhaps go and take closer look a something. Feel its joy!  The outside world can truly bring another perspective.

 “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees”. Henry David Thoreau

 Have a great day connecting to the outside!


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