Tired all the time? It’s a popular complaint.

Tiredness or fatigue are common problems medically speaking and tiredness happens to everyone -- it's an expected feeling after certain activities or at the end of the day. Usually, you know why you're tired, and a good night's sleep solves the problem. Fatigue is a daily lack of energy; unusual or excessive whole-body tiredness not relieved by sleep. 

Sleeping disorders are a real concern, but so too is the the sheer amount of energy that has been used to roll with the punches over the past couple of years. Add to that, the endless commitments, work and family.

It has all caught up with us and now we feel we are just hanging or dragging along. 

If this is you, keep reading.

We are in a phase where our bodies, minds and souls are needing expansive TLC to help, rest and recover. More importantly with no guilt. No questions. Just listening to your body.

Even if life is still full, you may need to move a couple of things off to the side. If you are waiting for that perfect time with no kids around, less work, and the ability to have more time … you might be barking up the wrong tree! The time is now. It’s time to walk, walk slowly for a little while.

This is not simple, especially when you are feeling really tired. You might feel you do not have the energy to do anything; especially something that might be good for you.

Here are 5 ways I am taking the time to move through my own tiredness and start to feel a bit energetic again.

  • Not booking so much in - It’s summer and I realized there are a lot of things on… do I have to do them all? No, I just have to realize that just because I do some things every summer, it does not mean it always needs to be!
  • Moving a little more - Adding a bit more exercise to my routine, nothing hard, but enough to keep my blood moving around my body.
  • Looking at all things that provide chronic stress - I understand we may not be able to dump all of them, but there may be some things that you can. Find things that help reduce your stress because the more stress, the more energy you are using. Under acute stress the brain requires 12 percent more energy. The is where doodling is so helpful!
  • Cut down on Sugar - I love sugar but the highs and lows are the worst. Especially when you are tired it’s easy to reach for that sugary treat as a pick me up. 
  • Go to bed earlier - Unwind earlier, even though its summer your body still needs sleep. 

I realize these are probably all things you know. But this is a reminder! I truly believe when you are tired, just knowing that someone is there for you is important.

I am that person… take only one step today. What is one thing that you will do to rest? Write it down… put it in your phone as an alarm, put it on your desk and get good at just that one thing.

Obviously if you have tried everything and you are still super tired reach out to a professional for a deeper look into your tiredness.

 Quote for the week:

“When you are overwhelmed, tired, or stressed, the solution is almost always less.” 

 Have a wonderful day and remember to rest.

Melissa x


P.S. Learn to unwind and rest with mindful doodling. Yes Please!