You have always wanted to do something, but you never did. You wished you had the courage to try something, but you never tried, You wanted to talk to someone, but something stopped you. Perhaps you wanted to participate in a conversation, but chose instead to stay quiet.
There is one thing that holds us back  … FEAR. You heard it … downright fear. 
Fear stops us from living an abundant and authentic life.
Fear of failure
Fear of what people will think
Fear of not being good enough
Fear of the unknown
Fear of taking the first step
Fear is an unpleasant emotion designed to protect us from something dangerous, seen as a threat or painful. But fear does not have a gauge on how far it may go to protect us form being hurt.
I almost didn't put doodling into the world because of fear. I struggled with the fear of judgement. ‘Doodling!! what would people think?’ It was terrifying to think I would put myself out there in this way. But I had to overcome this fear, if I did not, I would be letting fear control this aspect of my life, and that meant I would not be able to share this calling. 
So how can you overcome fear?  Try this very simple thing:
Whenever I feel fear getting in the way of my making a decision, I think of fear as a character… something you can see. Does it have a colour, a shape? Make it uniquely yours!
When fear interrupts my being courageous, thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert award-winning writer, I will often say, “thank-you very much for trying to protect me, but please sit in the back seat for now, as I am driving and I do not need your help right now.” Always including Fear on the journey. What does this do? Acknowledge and listen to this inner voice called fear, and then take control of how I want it to go. 
Take a moment to reflect on something you have always wanted to do… big or small. Deep down what is standing in your way? Is fear in the way?

Quote of the week 

Dont let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen." 
Doe Zantama

Have a great day and in case no one has told you this lately, you're amazing!

Melissa x


P.S Overcoming fear takes practice and acknowledgment. How about doodling with no judgement?  Start Here