Life is always on, information bombards us constantly, inner chatter is in the background, our minds try to keep up with the race. The noise often wins. 

Therefore, it’s easy to understand why it is SO hard to stay focused through the day.

There are times when I can become unfocused, my mind bounces from one thing to the next, I feel bleary-eyed and foggy, tired with too much on my plate. As a result, my concentration levels can be all over the place!

Although focus is an easy concept, it can be difficult to attain at times. Our focus is dependant on many physical and emotional factors. Some are great for focus and some are not.

Take sleeping. If you do not get enough sleep your focus is negatively impacted and your judgement can be impaired. The food we eat and the amount of exercise we do also contributes to how focussed we are. How about how we care for our minds? If we constantly feed our minds with negativity, too much information or deal with chronic stress, we are impacting our state of mind and this affects our focus.

This is a common selection of things that interfere with our ability to focus. I want to share the importance of filtering out what may not be serving you right now. Breaking the cycle that is contributing you too feeling unfocussed.

Is watching news having a negative impact? Do you need to get an extra hour of sleep? Do you need to lower your overwhelm by taking something off your plate?

Can you identify one thing that might be contributing to your lack of focus?

Once you have identified this, try replacing it with something that helps you to relax, even if for a short moment. Although your action does not have to be long, it needs to be intentional and not filling your mind with more noise. Here are a few examples: take a moment to focus on your breathing, reading, meditating, engaging in a creative activity, talking a walk.

I call this a healthy break - anything you can do to help you reduce your stress levels, promote rest and help you to regain focus.

And with a bit of effort, your focus can be sustained throughout the day. 

Quote of the week:

“Starve your distractions. Feed your focus.” Unknown

Have a great day and in case no one has told you this lately, you're amazing!

Melissa x

P.S Are you looking for a healthy break to build your focus? Implement a creative activity like Creative Mindfulness to enhance your focus muscle.