“I have a million things going on right now”

“It’s always crazy around here”

“If Suzy had this done, I could complete the work”

What do all three statements above have in common? They are all stress stories. You may not realize it, but the stories you are telling yourself may be sabotaging your ability to manage your everyday stress levels.

How does this work?

Do you explain away stress as something temporary?
“I just have a million things going on right now” (even though you cannot remember the last time you took a breather?)

Do you define stress and something that is integral?
“It’s always crazy around here” or maybe a part of your own personality, “I just have a whole lot of fidgety energy”

Do you blame your stress on someone else or outside sources like Suzie?

Our stories or self-talk—the way your inner voice makes sense of the world around you and the way you communicate with your inner self—can greatly affect being in a constant loop and can make us feel like we can never get out of feeling stressed.

The first thing to changing this, is we must accept responsibility for the role we play in creating or feeding this feeling by acknowledging our stress story. Your stress level will, in fact, remain outside your control if you cannot accept responsibility for this.

So, take a moment to look at your habits, attitudes, or excuses (and yes, we all have them). What is your stress story that you often say to yourself?

See if you can catch yourself saying this throughout your day, because when we are aware, we can stop the story.

Quote of the Week:
“Stress is not what happens to us. It is our response to what happens. And response is something we can choose.” – Maureen Killoran

Enjoy your day and incase no one has told you this lately, you're amazing!


Melissa x

P.S I know life is full... and so take a moment to give you mind a healthy break with this '90-Second Refresh'.


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