Halloween should be fun, right? I mean you get to dress in something ridiculous, you get to indulge in treats and have a whole lot of fun!

So, what is Halloween stress, and what contributes to it? Research shows the sugar fest that is Halloween can raise stress levels through the temptation it brings.  

Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Susan Albers says the Halloween season may β€œmay be extremely difficult for stress eaters, and this year in particular, statistics show more and more people are turning to a sweet treat for stress relief.”

On the best of days, I do not need a reminder to eat less sugar. Halloween feels stressful especially when there is an attached guilt feeling every time I reach for a treat. Does this happen to you?

 Junk food is rich in sugar, which puts stress on the metabolism, which is not good. So how can you go through the next week with more ease?

Here are a couple ways to get through the next week with less of a sugar hangover.


  • Fill your stomach with a good meal. Before going out to the Halloween outings or going to the Halloween bag, this usually helps you consume less.
  • Brush your teeth right before handing out candy. A minty mouth can lessen the desire to eat candy.
  • Consider setting small rules for yourself. For example, you can have one or two mini candies a day for the week.
  • Quit cold turkey. This one makes me the queasiest. Some people are great at this, and though it has not been my approach in the past, I’m challenging myself this year, each time I have a sugar craving, I am replacing it with a stress relieving activity. I will let you know how this goes!


Don’t get weighed down (literally) by Halloween this year. Enjoy the creativity and flavourful time it brings, just do it mindfully.

Quote of the Week:
β€œThe more you eat the less flavour. The less you eat the more flavour.” Chinese proverb


Have a lovely day and in case no one has told you this lately, you're amazing!


P.S. Enjoy a Halloween stress relieving activity that everyone can enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE. Take a picture and tag us! #doodlelovely